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Roadtrip Inspection

A road trip inspection is a comprehensive check of the brakes, suspension, engine, fluids, tires, battery, lights, signals and gauges to ensure the bike is in good working order before it sets off on a road trip.

Oil Change & Air Filter

Oil changes are essential for the proper maintenance of motorcycles. This includes changing the oil, checking for signs of wear, and replacing any worn parts. Additionally, the spark plugs, filters, and other components should be checked and replaced as necessary.

3-Hole Service

A 3 hole service is a comprehensive maintenance check for a motorcycle. This includes a check of the engine, brakes, and suspension, as well as an inspection of the tires, battery, and all necessary fluids.

Tire Replacement Service

Tire replacement is an important maintenance task for any motorcycle. This involves removing the old tires, inspecting the wheels for wear and tear, and installing new tires.

Battery Install Service

Battery installation is an important part of maintaining a motorcycle. This involves replacing the old battery with a new one and connecting the electrical cables. Additionally, the terminals should be inspected for corrosion, and the battery should be securely mounted to the frame.

Brake Install

Brakes are essential for the safe operation of a motorcycle. Brake installation involves replacing the old brakes with new ones and ensuring they are properly adjusted.